Checking Out the Val d’Orcia with a Local Coach/3: the Top 5 Pools with a View

20 july 2018

If you are planning a holiday in the Val d’Orcia, we can’t imagine anything better than spending long sunny days in a pool with a view, lazing around and enjoying the countryside that makes this place so unique. We have selected five swimming pools for you that offer privileged panoramas from their extraordinary locations.
So this is our latest column for Checking Out the Val d’Orcia with a Local Coach, a blog where we can share our favourites: as wedding planners, we meticulously and carefully observe every corner of the Val d’Orcia, and we like the idea of sharing our suggestions with travellers who wish to get off the beaten path (here are the first and second feature).

Hotel Posta Marcucci - Bagno Vignoni
The first is a hot spring pool: in addition to the fantastic view of the countryside which has remained unspoilt for centuries and is dominated by the medieval silhouette of the Rocca di Tentennano tower, this place offers the experience of soaking yourself in water that gushes into the pool at 50°C directly from the natural springs of Bagno Vignoni.
Taking a hot dip in the summer may seem absurd under the blazing sun; the experience is unusual yet definitely pleasurable. The shaded lawn beside the pool is perfect for a picnic on the grass in pure Tuscan style, with fresh panzanella or salad which can be ordered at the pool bar. There is also a little spa for a relaxing massage or beauty treatment.
Do not miss out on a night swim under the stars (Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9pm to midnight).

Borgo di Castelvecchio - Contignano
To enjoy this pool with a view, you must be a guest of the Borgo di Castelvecchio. Imagine overlooking a wild range of hills and moonscapes surrounded by an enormous green lawn and being completely immersed in the scents of Tuscan nature. A small but well-furnished bar is available for the guests for poolside drinks to sip on.
There are actually two noteworthy pools here: the other is at Contradio, a magnificent farmhouse just a few hundred meters from the Borgo, where you can enjoy the experience of complete isolation from the rest of the world.

Borgo Lucignanello Bandini - Montalcino
A unique pool thanks to its incredible location at the top of a small medieval hamlet: it is not open to the public so you must book one of the rustic chic apartments. From here you can admire the 360° view over the Val d’Orcia and enjoy the constant but pleasant breeze. A small pergola is the perfect place for a lunch in the open air.

Terme di Fonteverde - San Casciano dei Bagni
The hot spring pool at Fonteverde overlooking the hills and olive groves of the Val d’Orcia is unforgettable. It is the perfect place to spend a weekend or a few days of relaxation, but it is also possible to take advantage of the Day Spa packages featuring various types of massage and exclusive treatments.
There is also the excellent restaurant for guests of Fonteverde, while on Fridays and Sundays there is the fun Aperispa when the pool is open for an aperitif featuring local products from 4pm to 8 pm.

Fosso Bianco - Bagni San Filippo
Finally, we suggest a “pool” that is open to the public as it is in the middle of the forest: the Fosso Bianco of Bagni San Filippo, an incredible formation of calcium carbonate deposits which offer a magical experience. The “White Whale”, a waterfall whose name comes from the fact that it resembles a big cetacean, pools the hottest water that gushes up from a nearby spring at 48°C. Here the scenery evolves continually, old pools disappear and others form, while the thermal mud which deposits at the bottom can be spread all over the face and body.
A tip from an insider: to avoid crowds, go at sunset or during the off season. Bring candles and a bottle of Champagne, and once you’ve settled in a pool, you can make a toast that you will not soon forget…