Elegant and relaxed wedding in the Val d'Orcia? Here's the perfect venue...

16 february 2017

From the hill you can enjoy the unmistakable Tuscan countryside that has remained the same over the centuries

The perfect venue for an intimate and sophisticated wedding in the Val d’Orcia

24 october 2016

The Villa originates from the late Renaissance period and was designed by the famous architect Baldassarre Peruzzi

My Top Reasons For Enjoying the Val d’Orcia, in August

08 august 2016

There are numerous music festivals at this time of year: from classical music to jazz, from rock to blues

Jogging in a movie

27 april 2016

The Val d'Orcia is a huge movie set, a dream for every cinema lover

A Rustic Chic wedding in the heart of Val d'Orcia

05 april 2016

Main ingredients: a panoramic view on the hills, olive and cypress trees, local food and wine, your family and friends! 

My Favourite Places: The Pool in Bagno Vignoni

21 march 2016

The ideal backdrop to hold unique events, but also a treasure chest of memories and secrets of a lifetime

A Luxury Country Wedding in an Elegant Resort at the Heart of the Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

25 february 2016

A new entry in Wedding in Val d'Orcia's catalogue: scenografic pool and amazing view

Designer outdoor weddings in Val d’Orcia

19 october 2015

Gardens and parks for amazing ceremonies

From a Standard of Beauty Unlike No Other

04 may 2015

This is a beauty that those who are born here always come back to, knowingly and not

Gourmet Stop at Osteria Perillà

17 april 2015

A top level restaurant in Rocca d'Orcia, a stunning medieval village abandoned for decades and now re-launched by a wise businessman