The 5 Most Beautiful Churches for Weddings in the Val d’Orcia

21 april 2020

Getting married in a quiet country church surrounded by olive and cypress trees or a church set in the main square of a quaint medieval village: a dream that is more and more common among those who choose a destination wedding in Tuscany. This is why we have selected our 5 favourite churches for a wedding in the Val d’Orcia.

Collegiata - San Quirico d’Orcia
The magnificent Collegiata of Saints Quirico and Giuditta is a gem that is not well known: built right on the Francigena pilgrim route - which passes through the middle of the town of San Quirico - it boasts an exterior with three doorways and splendid decorations as well as proud statues of lions. Noteworthy is the precious altarpiece by Sano di Pietro originally from the fifteenth century. A church that is rich in history that looks over one of the most spectacular and best maintained towns in the Val d’Orcia.

Duomo - Pienza
This is a historical church in the heart of what was defined as the “ideal Renaissance city”. Pienza was, in fact, completely redesigned in the second half of the fifteenth century thanks to one of its famous citizens – Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who became pope with the name Pius II - who wanted to transform his own home village, the little hamlet of Corsignano. He called one of the most famous architects of the time, Bernardo Rossellino, who decided to build the Duomo, the Cathedral, right in the middle of the square. Inspired by the work of Leon Battista Alberti, with a travertine façade in three parts and majestic interior, it represents the ideal location for a ceremony with many guests and for those who like the idea of being in one of the most famous squares in Tuscany.

Pieve di Corsignano - Pienza
The mood of this Romanesque church is completely different: a timeless atmosphere surrounds a small stone building dating back to the twelfth century. An imposing bell tower stands beside the church while inside there are three naves. It is bare and very charming. Around the outside, there are only olive trees in addition to century-old trees. A choice for small weddings where an intimate and spiritual location is especially important.

Sant’Antimo Abbey - Montalcino
According to legend, the splendid Sant’Antimo Abbey was founded by emperor Charlemagne in the IX century. A road that winds through rolling hills and fields of grain leads you to the Abbey, one of the most important examples of Tuscan Romanesque architecture, which seemingly rises from the middle of a field surrounded by majestic olive trees. Built entirely in travertine, the inside has three naves with round arches supported by columns topped with capitals in alabaster. The mystical silence is only broken by Gregorian chanting which the monks still sing during the Mass today. After many years during which only residents could celebrate their weddings there, it is now open to everyone.

Church of Spineto Abbey - Sarteano
An integral part of the Abbey, the Church of the Santissima Trinità of Spineto perfectly embodies the ideal Romanesque minimalism and beauty. Built in the XI century, completely white on the inside, it gives an idea of absolute simplicity which invites people to prayer as well as a neutral setting that can be personalized according to one’s own wishes. An ideal place even for those who have many guests but would like to maintain a spiritual atmosphere.