The Perfect Welcome Bag for your Wedding in the Val d’Orcia

24 april 2019

For your wedding, you have chosen a fabulous location in the Val d’Orcia, you have invited your family and friends, organized an unforgettable weekend for them and planned out every detail. Why not welcome your guests with a little something, too?

A welcome bag becomes a personal “greeting” from the happy couple to all those who have decided to share in the most special day of their lives. And for guests, there is no better surprise than finding an unexpected gift waiting for them as soon as they get into their room, perhaps after a long journey.
Here are some of our suggestions for a perfect welcome bag for a wedding in the Val d’Orcia.
Let’s start by saying that there are two types of things that can go in a welcome bag: something to be consumed immediately (usually snacks or something to drink) or something that they can take home (usually food or wine or gift items).

Two words about the bag itself: choose fabric or straw bags and personalize them. Your guests will surely be happy to use them again after they get home.

Something to Drink
We already know: the perfect wedding weekend includes Champagne and Super Tuscans, but your guests will also need to hydrate sooner or later! A couple of bottles of water, maybe by a famous Italian brand like Ferrarelle or San Pellegrino, will certainly be appreciated. If you’d like to add a soft drink, we suggest going with something vintage and Italian like Chinotto or Cedrata.

This doesn’t mean giving up the wine: a good bottle to open and taste in their rooms or on the balcony while taking in the view over the Val d’Orcia is always an excellent idea. Don’t forget to leave two wine glasses and a corkscrew in the room! A good Orcia DOC like Sasso di Sole is a sure bet in addition to the excellent Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino wines by Molino Sant’Antimo, a small top winery, and Nobile di Montepulciano by Salcheto, which prides on its sustainability.
What about craft beer? This would also make for a lovely welcome that your guests can enjoy after letting the bottles get nice and cold in the mini-bar fridge. We enjoy the Birrificio San Quirico made with organic grains from the Val d’Orcia.

Something to Eat
Imagine arriving at the hotel with the munchies and finding something delicious to snack on right away maybe while waiting for dinnertime to roll around. Sounds good, right? Put something in your welcome bag to satisfy both that sweet tooth and savoury preferences like taralli or artisan crackers, some cashews or breadsticks. As for the sweets, you can have fun with that.
Cookies with personalized labels are also a very neat idea and you can find fantastic ones at Sweetie Pie, a small pastry shop in Città della Pieve which uses only organic ingredients.
Something to Take Home

If you would like to put a small gift in the welcome bag or a food or wine product from the Val d’Orcia that your guests can take home, remember to choose something that is easy to carry in a suitcase, especially for those who have to fly. It is best to avoid fragile items in glass (no bottles, honey, or jams). We especially like scented candles and artisan soaps made in Tuscany by Splendor of Florence or Erbario Toscano or a simple but useful hand-crafted item in olive wood such as a ladle, salad set, pepper grinder, or small cutting board.
If you prefer food products, we would suggest typical biscuits from the territory in luxury packaging like ricciarelli or cantucci, a small tin of marvelous Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil, or a package of artisan pasta, perhaps in an unusual shape (remember that the hand-rolled thick spaghetti called “pici” is one of the symbols of the Val d’Orcia).

Last but not Least: Welcome Letter, Schedule, Useful Info and Your Hashtag
You can’t forget to put a welcome letter in your welcome bag, even better if it is personalized and hand-written for each of your guests who will really feel taken care of. A detailed program of the various wedding events and perhaps some useful information and a map of the area would prove to be very useful.
Have you chosen a special hashtag for your big day? Don’t forget to include it on a note in the welcome bag. This way all the photos that are taken and shared on social media by your guests can be available to everyone.