Tradition and Family Heirlooms: our inspiration for Christmas 2020 table setting

20 december 2020

Christmas will be different than usual this year: surely cozier than ever and at home with a few loved ones. It has been a difficult year and we all need some coziness and warmth. This is why our inspiration for the Christmas table setting 2020 falls back on tradition, a classic timeless style. For once, we can let go of the latest trends – which are definitely beautiful and glamorous but can be saved for future holidays, when we are free to celebrate as we wish – and focus on the beauty of family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Like an embroidered tablecloth with matching napkins, a set of dishes, maybe a little chipped but they belonged to grandma, like candelabras or silverware which is usually hidden away in a cupboard somewhere. This is the perfect time to dust off those cherished pieces, even if they are not perfect, to celebrate what truly brings us all together at this time of year, family and love.

Here is our Christmas table for 2020 which we set at Conti Costanti winery, one of the top Brunello di Montalcino producers. The color palette we have chosen is quintessentially Christmas: green, red and silver. Silver are the hammered charger plates, the bread dishes, the classic cutlery and, as you might expect, the candelabra which we obviously put red candles in - can’t miss out on those red candles at Christmastime.

The plates are English porcelain with a very original pink floral pattern while the crystal glasses are faceted, reflecting the candlelight and creating a truly magical atmosphere. The linen tablecloth is antique with very precious needlework.
The centerpiece is made from pine branches and decorated with pinecones, red apples, pomegranates, and berries: entirely natural and local, picked right in the forest nearby, making it easy to recreate – just a walk through the woods or in the countryside, maybe with your children, to pick what you need. We used little pinecones to hold the placename cards and we tied the napkins, which go on the left according to etiquette, with a little red velvet ribbon and decorated them with a sprig of rosehip. Even the fireplace was decorated with branches, berries, and red candles.

The atmosphere was undoubtedly warm and cozy. Now all we need to do is wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas!