Snapshots of my Summer, in Val d'Orcia

13 august 2015

Completely muggy days when nothing moves under the blazing sun, and the deafening chirp of the cicada is the only background music. The Val d'Orcia (Orcia Valley) is a stretch of dry fields in shades of ochre and sienna, a lunar landscape. Working all day at the computer in the dim light of a cool room in front of a whirling fan. Later, in the evening, a fresh breeze and dinner outdoors.

A Spritz is absolutely perfect, with my exact doses of Aperol and Prosecco, to sip on while I cook and listen to Coldplay. A barbeque with friends, tasty tomatoes and basil, a bottle of perfectly chilled white wine. Concerts under the stars, the sound of chatting and laughing until early morning. Chinotto and Cedrata drinks.

On the weekend, dips in the pool, cooling off under the shade of trees, ice-cream and freezing granitas in the mid-afternoon. Gardens and children on bicycles. A century-old park and the delightful cool sensation of a wet lawn. Memories of other summers, of excursions on bikes, yellow fields and the muggy heat of the countryside.

Days at the beach, savouring the sun and the boiling sand. Fresh fish and seafood. Taking the paddle boat and heading out, the thrill of jumping into deep cold water. Night falls, full of stars, scented with jasmine.
That’s my summer, in Val d'Orcia.